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Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Self Storage Services

There are many life situations where people need extra space to store their belongings. Some common examples are before, during or after moving, after purchasing something large like a boat, or when people simply own too much stuff to keep at their home. At these times, renting self storage space becomes an ideal solution. To those who have used storage services before, the process is fairly straightforward, but for those who have not there are often many things they want to know before trusting their valuable belongings to a third party. This article gives newcomers answers to commonly asked questions about self storage, and best practices to use when looking to rent a unit.

How Will My Belongings Be Kept Safe?

Most storage facilities feature several safety measures. All good facilities, and especially all commercial chains, will have security cameras watching the entire premise. Smaller, less expensive facilities may not. Better facilities will also have a site manager on the location at all hours.

Do Customers Have To Provide Their Own Lock?

Locker units are storage units that have built in locks, for which only you and the site manager will have the key. These units are featured by most commercial level facilities. However, many smaller, or independently owned storage facilities will only offer units that require the customer to furnish their own lock.

What About Valuable Or Delicate Items That Have Environmental Requirements?

Some items are made of delicate materials such as wood or glass. A well equipped storage facility will offer units that have climate control. These units can be set to maintain specified temperature and humidity preferences.

Is Access Available To The Storage Unit At All Hours?

Generally, yes. Either the site will have a supervisor on duty at all times, or you will have a gate key to enter the site and get to your unit. This prevents any unauthorized access to the site, while still allowing customers to enter at whatever time they need to.

If you are in need of Storage services in Cape Town, make sure any potential company meets these specifications as needed.